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HeadUp — A radio station and podcast app dedicated to hip hop.

Creative fields: Visual identity & app design

The what

HeadUp is a concept project I ran in parallel with my daily work at Auddly. This project served as a sandbox for Design System explorations as well as outtakes and ideas that didn't make it into the final products that were built for Auddly.

The how

This concept came together from the idea of a dedicated hip hop radio app and my curiosity to further explore music related UX and UI challenges in a different environment than the one that was created for Auddly.

Splash and Sign in screens

The visual aspect

I approached this from a need-to-have basis with a minimalistic and an almost monochromatic color palette. The overall goal was to create an app that was jam packed with great content but without it feeling cluttered and over designed. This is the same approach I have when crafting the UI component for the Auddly client suite.

Home view

Outside of the natural habitat

A great way to explore and test UI is to move components in and out of it’s natural (or designated) habitat. This app is completely based on the same framework that is used for Auddly but with some additional components.

Within the frames of this project I also had the opportunity to develop components that was more based on visuals, like list cards and cover art that aren't implemented in the Auddly app.

HeadUp Visual
Station details view

The sound aspect

Audio obviously is a hot topic for Auddly and designing for audio related features is quite a challenge when it comes great user experience. For this project I explored a lot of additional audio related interactions and concepts, some of which later were included in the Auddly mobile apps.

This project has been a both fun great side project to push the Auddly design framework to the next level in terms of flexibility and robustness.

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