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Hälsoappen — Increase the well-being among the adolescents.

Creative fields: App design

The what

Reacta is a national organization that focuses on physical and mental health among the adolescents. Hälsoappen is a communication platform where Reacta can deliver daily articles and information about well-being to it’s young members across the country.

The how

Hälsoappen is centered around a feed of daily articles and information. The purpose of the app is straightforward and communicative, something that needed to be reflected in the interactions and visual design.

Main article and details views

Jump in and out

The central feed is a card based layout with an engaging cover image to draw attention. The interaction pattern is formed to make it easy to scroll the feed and pop open any article that catches the users attention. The article will then be presented in an overlay that can be easily closed by either clicking the close icon or swipe up when at the top.

Sign up view

The look

Since the app is presented by Reacta there were a strong requirement to incorporate their visual language and identity into the app.

The Reacta color scheme was quite complex and only the core brand colors and visuals were incorporated into the app UI to maintain clarity and focus.

Info list and details views


Apart from the main feed and articles the app also contains basic information pages. The info cards are slightly different to enhance the context change, but the interaction between the full view and the card is the same to preserve a consistent interaction pattern.

Simplicity & clarity

Transforming a simple concept into a simple user experience isn't without its challenges, but I’m very happy with the result and the way everything from interactions, visuals and UI was formed with simplicity and clarity in mind.

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