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Auddly — A fair, accurate and transparent music industry.

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The what

Auddly is an application, but in the bigger picture it’s about a much larger mission to create a fair, accurate and transparent music industry for rights holders so they can get paid and credited correctly when their music is played.

The how

I joined Auddly in the fall of 2015. I joined a small team with a big vision and as the Lead Product Designer I have lead all aspects of design to evolve and scale in sync with the progress and growth of the company.

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The platform

Auddly is a platform for music creators and music companies that simplifies the collaboration and information flow around song data. Auddly is available on the web, iOS and Android.

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The initial challenge

When I initially joined Auddly in the fall of 2015 the web application had been out of beta for a while and was fairly feature packed, but there was no solid ground when it came to design and user experience.

My mission was to establish that from the ground and up by aiming for something sustainable that could scale with time instead of going for the classic let’s-just-redesign-everything approach. I knew it wasn't going to happen over night and that is was going to take some strategic planning to be able to pull this off in parallel with the usual jam packed roadmap of a startup.

Keys to success

Understand something before your change it became my first amendment, and although I had to deliver from day one I kept a straight line between the feature development and the foundation I was trying to establish.

The second one was to always have a vision: you won’t be able reach it today but every little thing you do will point to it and you will know where you’re headed.

The key that was most crucial for execution was timing. There is always a time for everything. Timing became a very important factor when it came to do fundamental changes with minimum effort.

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On the other side

During my years Auddly has grown in all aspects. We have established a solid foundation, launched numerous of new features and expanded onto both iOS and Android.

Today Auddly runs on a cross platform design system that unifies the language of both devs and designers that facilitates communication and work efficiency. Design is an organic part of the company and we have a more user centered focus in all aspects of what we do.

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